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Guided Dental Implants Vs. Dental Implants: What’s The Difference?

Looking for dental implants in Austin? Cynthia Graves, DDS has years of experience with dental implants. Whether you’re in Anderson Mill, Westlake, Round Rock, Cedar Park, or even Tarrytown, we offer some of the best Austin dental implants.

Why? Because unlike your average dentist, we offer guided dental implants. This modern, high-tech dental implantation process helps provide better results, reduces the invasiveness of surgery, and much more.

What Is A Guided Dental Implant?

Guided dental implants are a modern method of placing dental implants. In the past, dental implants were usually designed from the “root-up”. Your dentist would place the titanium or zirconium post into your gum tissue, and then design the tooth restoration, or crown, afterward.

In contrast, guided dental implants use 3D imaging software to help design the tooth restoration first. This process lets Dr. Graves “begin with the end in mind”. Because the tooth restoration can be measured and designed before the post is placed, it looks and feels more like a natural tooth.

In addition, the advanced imaging software allows Dr. Graves to ensure that she places the implant in an area with the proper level of bone support, and that it is properly spaced away from nerves, sinuses, and adjacent teeth.

How Do Guided Dental Implants Work?

Dr. Graves uses an advanced CEREC Omnicam, the Sirona Chairside 3D, in all of her guided implant procedures. This device can scan your mouth for a 3D image, before your implant is created.

She also uses the Sirona Galileos CBCT (Cone Beam CT scan) device for extraoral imaging. Together, these advanced images and models help her create a custom tooth restoration.

After the restoration has been designed, the implantation process is quite similar to a standard dental implant. However, guided dental implants can be placed with a less-invasive surgery, because a “tissue punch” is used during the post implantation process. This minimizes damage and disruption of the surrounding gum tissue.

What Are The Benefits Of Guided Implants?

  • Guaranteed results – Because the entire restoration is designed before the post is placed, you are guaranteed fantastic results. Your tooth restoration will look, feel, and function just like a natural tooth!
  • Faster recovery time and less discomfort – Because guided dental implants are minimally invasive, fewer sutures are required post-operation, and patients experience less swelling and bleeding. The dental post may also heal more quickly, allowing the tooth restoration to be placed within just a few months, in some cases.
  • Safe and accurate – Every step of the procedure is planned out using advanced computer-aided 3D images. You can rest assured, knowing that Dr. Graves is taking great care of you.

Come To The Office Of Cynthia Graves, DDS For Dental Implants In Anderson Mill!

No matter where you are in Austin, Cynthia Graves DDS is a great choice for dental implants. With our advanced equipment and her years of experience with tooth restorations, you’ll get incredible results – guaranteed. Contact our team to get started with the guided dental implant procedure today. Give us a call at (512)-549-4731, or come by our office at 10418 Lake Creek Pkwy, Austin, TX 78750.

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