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Guided Dental Implants

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Predictable Implant Placement

Not every dentist is trained to deliver dental implants, and even fewer provide guided implant surgery. When a dental implant can impact the rest of your life, do you trust your dentist’s eyesight to get the job done?

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You Deserve Great Dentistry, Done Right the First Time.

When you need to have a dental implant placed, Dr. Graves combines her depth of knowledge and experience with guided dental implant dentistry to capture truly predictable, reliable and long-lasting results.

Dr. Cynthia Graves is your professional dental implant dentist in Austin. With guided implant dentistry she provides premier service to transform smiles and improve lives. Guided dental implants provide the following benefits:

  • NO guesswork
  • Less invasive
  • Easier on the patient
  • Supports fast healing

Guided Dental Implants are Revolutionizing Dental Care

“In the past, the dental implant would be placed with little or no consideration given to the final restoration. With guided dental implants, I design the restoration first, then use 3D software to position the implant under the restoration. We ‘begin with the end in mind’ allowing us to make the final restoration look and feel more like a natural tooth. Plus, the Dental Implant Guide provides accuracy that that the implant has the proper amount of bone support and that I am a safe distance from adjacent teeth, sinuses, and nerves.”

Get The Facts

Dr. Graves uses the full integration of Sirona Chairside 3D, also referred to as the CEREC Omnicam, to scan and plan your custom crown or implant with 3D accuracy. Using this data, Dr. Graves merges the findings with the extraoral Sirona Galileos 3D CBCT (cone Beam CT scan). This technology helps to align the dental implant to support the restoration and achieve the best esthetics, function and biomechanics.

Minimally Invasive Dental Care

If your dental implant surgery isn’t guided, the gum tissue has to be reflected (opened surgically) so the surgeon can see the bone.

When an implant is placed using a surgical guide, however, the process is typically less invasive because the surgery can be performed through a “tissue punch” that focuses the affected site to limit disruption to the gums.

With guided surgery, the placement process is faster and easier on the patient. And, because the patient leaves their surgery with a healing cap in place over the implant, there’s no need for a second surgery to uncover the implant later.

The process is faster, easier and more precise, and that benefits the doctor and the patient.

How Does It Work?

“Our Sirona software allows me to view the dental implant plan in three planes, combining the Axial, Coronal and Sagittal perspectives in incredible detail. This allows me to verify the placement of the implant and then literally travel down the threads of the implant to confirm the edges of the implant are placed within the bone with proper support.”

It’s Not Rocket Science: It’s Simply Better Dentistry

At Cynthia L. Graves we’re passionate about our patients, and our entire team gets behind the mission to deliver truly excellent dentistry. When you entrust us to care for your dental health, your appointment is more than an opportunity to restore your smile: it’s about building a foundation of health that you can feel good about for a lifetime.

Can I Benefit From a Dental Implant?

With a guided dental implant or implant denture, patients who have suffered from tooth loss or significant tooth decay can regain their dental health and the functionality of their smile.

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If it’s time to enjoy life again, and worry less about your smile or appearance, call us at (512)-258-8001 to schedule a consultation. We accept new patients of all ages at our dental office in Austin, TX.

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